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Osada Żelazny Tygiel Waloński

Local name: Osada Żelazny Tygiel Waloński

This extraordinary heritage park presents the daily life of the medieval Walonów settlement. The settlement has a number of original workshops, equipped with carefully recreated machines and tools of old craftsmen. Museum visitors can touch the devices and test their operation, as well as make various objects and decorations by themselves.

Museum employees, dressed in traditional costumes, play the role of craftsmen. With the help of traditional methods and tools, they present what the work of representatives of former professions looked like. The museum exhibits have been replaced with carefully made replicas that can be tried out during the tour.

In the settlement there was a decorative, ceramic, weaving, cordage, carpentry and woodwork workshop, forge, Walloon mint and smelter. In each of them, all objects, decorations and tools are produced as they were centuries ago.


Attractions inside

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    1 Maja 6658-580 Szklarska Poręba , Poland