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European bison farm

Local name: Zagroda żubrów

The Bison Demonstration Farm is located in Zwierzyniec - part of the monumental Pszczyna Park. It consists of two farms of the total area of 10ha, hay racks, a quarantine zone, and food storage. Animals can be viewed from the observation bridge. Apart from bison, the area of the farm is also inhabited by deer, mouflons, mooses, roe deer, fallow deer, boars, ruddy shelducks, ducks, mallards, barnacle gooses, swan gooses, and Indian peafowls.

The out-door farm is opened for the entire year. Visitors can use didactic paths, view the exhibitions dedicated to flora and fauna of the Pszczyna region, and watch the movie in the cinema hall.

Bison came to Pszczyna in 1865 thanks to the exchange which was made between Prince Jan Henryk XI Hochberg with Tsar Alexander II. Nowadays, the bison breeding is located in the "Żubrowisko" reserve in Jankowice. After World War I, the population of bison in Białowieża Forest has been recreated thanks to the 12 specimens from Pszczyna.


Attractions inside

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