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Church of St. Anthony of Padua

Local name: Kościół św. Antoniego Padewskiego

The church Antoni Padewski in Piechowice is a neo-Roman stone basilica. The historic furnishings of the church include baptismal font, organs, frescoes, stained glass and wooden: altars, pulpit, benches, confessionals. The tower has two bells dedicated to the Virgin Mary and St. Antoni.

The temples were built in 1909 - 1911. It was funded by the Franciscan sister Countess Fiedina von Schafftgotsch, who dedicated her dowry for this purpose. The countess's family, especially her brother, helped in the construction of the church. Glass elements, among others the chandeliers were made in a glassworks belonging to the von Schafftgotsch family.

The exterior architecture of the temple is characterized by rich detail and stone finish. However, inside it is dominated by antique wooden furnishings made of black Bavarian oak. Inside the church, on the walls of the church, the stations of the cross are represented in the form of frescoes.



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Żymierskiego 4058-573 Piechowice, Poland