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Local name: Planetarium

Planetarium in Olsztyn is the second largest planetarium in Poland. It was opened as Planetarium of Space Flights on the 500th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus. There are numerous activities taking place here: astronomical didactic projections, film screenings in the fulldome technique, physical and physical-astronomical demonstrations for various age groups.

For children there is a series of didactic classes called “Cosmo Lessons”. The facility has a mobile ASTROLABIUM, or Astronomical Mobile Laboratory. The Children's Academy organizing conferences for small scientists also operates at the Planetarium in Olsztyn. The lectures are conducted by children and for children aged 6 - 12. In the planetarium library there are tens of thousands of magazines and books, mainly in the field of astronomy, astronautics and related fields.

On the eastern wall of the atrium there is a colorful composition of 205 tiles. Like the portrait of N. Copernicus hanging in the lobby, the composition was made by London artist S. Knapp. In the lobby there is a mural depicting a dark dust cloud called Horsehead from the constellation Orion. The Planetarium is the seat of the Federation of Copernicus Cities.


Attractions inside

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