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number 9 in the city


Local name: Aquasfera

Aquasfera is a modern facility consisting of several pools, divided into a sports and recreation part, a sauna zone, a fitness club, a sports store, a restaurant and an underground car park. In addition to individual attractions, it offers group classes and also organizes swimming competitions. The facility was awarded the title of "Sports object of the year 2012".

The sports part has two swimming pools: an Olympic one and a smaller one to warm up. Two movable bottoms were installed in the Olympic pool, changing the depth of water. There are also stands for 1500 spectators.

The recreational part includes a recreational pool with daybeds, an artificial river as well as power showers and water massages. An additional attraction are three saunas and the so-called sunny meadow, a healthier alternative to a tanning bed. There is a wading pool for children, two slides and play accessories.


Attractions inside

    Aquasfera map
    aleja Piłsudskiego 69b10-449 Olsztyn , Poland