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Łeba Park

Local name: Łeba Park

The biggest dinosaur park in Poland is situated among meadows, woods, lakes and swamps. In the area of 20 hectares around 100 prehistoric life-size reptiles were located. Visiting takes place on foot or on rafts. One can see the whole park from the 27 meters high Ferris wheel. Park has its own catering base (several bars, pancake restaurants and ice cream parlor).

The list of attractions in Łeba Park "Nowęcin" consists of: water slides, Fairy Tale Land ( world of fairy tales in 3d), castle of fear, cinema 7d Max, bungee jumping, the biggest mini-golf field with 18 holes on the area of 1 hectare, mini zoo, gallery of minerals and fossils, fishing site ( for owners of their own equipment), rent of Flinstones vehicles and water bikes, monkey grove, indian village, a drive in Hobbit vehicle and many more.

Park has several nature trails enabling to see the species of trees and plants growing in the local forests or to find out, how the life on earth begun. In the reconstructed Neanderthal cave you can see the figures of the predecessors of contemporary people and replicas of the tools they used.



Łeba Park map
Kolonijna 2484-360 Nowęcin, Poland