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Międzyzdroje Pier

Local name: Molo w Międzyzdrojach

The Międzyzdroje Pier is 395 m long. The entrance to the pier is located near the amphitheater. It's decorated with the two characteristic white towers. The end of the pier is lowered so ships of coast guard could moor to it. The last 40 m serves as an embarkation point.

The history of the Międzyzdroje Pier started in 1885 when the first wooden pier was built there. In 1906 the wooden pier with a length of 300m was constructed. During World War II, sappers blew up the construction to prevent embarcation of Russian troops. It was rebuilt in 1920 and its length amounted to 200 m.

In 1954 the pier was destroyed by the storm, and in 1961 by the fire. In 1984, because of the icing, the pier was utterly destroyed and closed. Only the towers survived. The reconstruction started in 1994 and was carried out in phases. The first 120m of the new pier was built until 1996 and was expanded to 395m in 2004. The opening ceremony took place in 2005.


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