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Fairytale Garden

Local name: Ogród Bajek

The Garden of Fairy Tales in Międzygórze is an open-air museum, where a collection of wooden sculptures depicting characters and places from fairy tales, fairy tales and legends has been collected. There are sculptures here, including Cat in boots, Matołek the Billy Goat, Bolek and Lolek, Jasio and Małgosia, Moomin, Spirit of the Mountains - Liczyrzepa.

The sculptures were placed between artificially planted bushes and trees. The author of the garden was the botanist and forester Izydor Kriesten. He built a house in Międzygórze after the end of World War I. Legend has it that in order to thank the Mountain Spirit for saving his life during the war, he began to create and collect wooden sculptures depicting fairy-tale characters.

Residents called this place "Garden of Fairy Tales" and so it remains to this day. In 1985, the building was taken over by the local branch of PTTK. The Fairy Tale Garden has been revitalized and gained new works. The Dwarf Trail leads to the open-air museum from the bus stop. A yellow tourist trail from Międzygórze to Igliczna passes by the object.


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