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Town Hall in Kamień Pomorski

Local name: Ratusz w Kamieniu Pomorskim

The gothic city hall is considered one of the most valuable monuments in the city. Its characteristic features are arcades and tracery on the top.

The city hall was built in the 13th century in gothic style. It represents popular in Western Pomerania type of arcaded city halls. In the 16th century, Renaissance wall decorations were added but they didn't preserve to this day. The building was seriously damaged during Wolrd War II. The after-war renovation brought back its gothic features.

The building has a longitudinal, rectangular shape. The facade is decorated with triple arcade and stepped top. Its interiors consist of tracery decoration which from afar looks like a dense net. The little square tower stands over the roof. The walls are decorated with blind arcades with lancet arches.



Town Hall in Kamień Pomorski map
Plac Stary Rynek 172-400 Kamień Pomorski, Poland