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Museum of Ceramics

Local name: Muzeum Ceramiki

The museum presents collections of local ceramics on three permanent exhibitions: Bolesławiec ceramics until 1945, after 1945, and selected works from the collection of over 100 objects created at the Bolesławiec workshops of ceramics and sculptures. The fourth exhibition was created on the basis of memorabilia collected for several years (furniture, weapons, everyday objects, prints) related to the history of Bolesławiec.

At the ceramics exhibition there is a white and blue crockery set, on which a meal was served to the Holy Father John Paul II on a board of the plane when he left Poland after completing a pilgrimage in 1977. In the section dedicated to the history of the city, are collected, among others, several dozen of 19th-century photographs and a collection of 850 postcards (mainly views of Bolesławiec), the oldest of which dates back to 1895.

The history of Bolesławiec has been connected with pottery and ceramic industry for hundreds of years. The first mention of a potter operating there comes from 1380. The Bóbr River and Kwisa basin abounds with clay suitable for the production of stoneware products. There are also deposits of clays used for glazing - they form a slightly glassy, ​​brown surface which became a distinctive feature of ceramics from Bolesławiec.


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    Mickiewicza 1359-700 Bolesławiec , Poland