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Kjosfossen waterfall

Local name: Kjosfossen

Kjosfossen is a waterfall on the Flåmselvi River in the Norwegian county of Sogn og Fjordane. Its total height is 225 meters. Tourists can travel on the Flåmsbana cable car, which runs above the upper section of the waterfall. The local attraction is also the performances of the mythical character - Huldry.

Huldra is a woman who, according to folk tales, lived, among others on the banks of rivers and assisted fishermen in their duties. She was distinguished by incredible beauty, seducing young men who lost their heads for her. Over the waters of the Kjosfossen waterfall, you can see students from Norges dansehøyskole, or the Norwegian Dance School, in the summer season who greet tourists in disguise by Huldry, singing and dancing.

A small hydropower plant was built at the waterfall, whose energy is used to power the queue. In 1951 a small station was created here, thanks to which tourists can get to the waterfall itself.


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