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Hordaland is located in southwest Norway, on the coast and is considered one of the country's most picturesque areas. Its capital is Bergen, which is on the UNESCO list, and the biggest attractions include the famous Trolltunge and Hardangerfjord.

Called the gate of the Bergen fjords, it has existed since the 11th century. Its most famous attraction is the Bryggen district standing on the banks of the fjord with wooden, multi-story houses standing on stilts. There are also numerous medieval churches, as well as the Hanseatic and Maritime Museum with a large aquarium.

Hordaland's greatest asset is its landscapes and nature. Inland, Norway's second longest fjord, Hardangerfjord, breaks in. Its surroundings are cut with a network of walking trails, and you can sail cruise ships, kayaks and boats on the fjord itself.

Above one of its branches, near the town of Odda, there is one of the most famous places in Norway - Trolltunga or Troll Language. A few hours hike through the Hardangervidda plateau is rewarded with a dazzling view.

A large part of the picturesque Hardangervidda Plateau is protected by a national park. But the whole region is full of beautiful landscapes. The fragmented coast, bare mountain ridges, Folgefonna and Hardangerjøkulen glaciers and waterfalls such as Vøringsfossen or Stykkjedalsfossen make it hard to decide where to take your steps for a limited time.


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