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Låtefossen Waterfall

Local name: Låtefossen

Låtefossen Waterfall is located near the city of Odda. Its height is 165 meters. The Norwegians call it the "twin waterfall" because the stream flowing from Lake Lotevatnet splits into two parts, joining again under the historic bridge at the foot of the rock. Nearby are the ruins of the hotel, from their level there is a beautiful view of the countryside.

The waterfall is fed by the waters of the Austdølo River and several lakes on the Hardangervidda Plateau. Is one of the largest waterfalls in Norway. It is an important point on the tourist map of the area, it was appreciated over a hundred years ago, when no road led to it yet.

The first tourists came here from England and Germany, a small hotel was built near the waterfall. Its remains have survived to this day, and can be reached by following the path south of Låtefossen.


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