Yi Jun Peace Museum

Local name: Yi Jun Peace Museum

It is not difficult to find this place - the entrances to the district are marked with two characteristic Chinese gates. Here you will find everything that is associated with this Asian culture: from cultural centers to shops and restaurants.

Interestingly, once there was a Jewish quarter here, however, after the Second World War, it became impoverished and deserted. In the 70s of the twentieth century, the area began to be more and more popular among the Chinese minority, which began to settle on Wagenstraat.

Municipal authorities support the development of the Chinese quarter and promote "ethnic tourism" in The Hague. In addition, the place is looked after by the foundation, which organizes many interesting events such as the Chinese lunar feast or the incredibly popular Chinese New Year, attracting thousands of visitors annually.



Yi Jun Peace Museum map
Wagenstraat 124A2512 BA The Hague, Netherlands