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The Hague Public Transport Museum

Local name: Haags Openbaar Vervoer Museum

The Hague Public Transport Museum housed in an old tram depot. It was opened in 1989. Inside, visitors can see the entire overview of historic vehicles, and in the summer take a ride on a historic century-old electric tram.

The historic tram depot dates from 1906 and served the city until 1983. Five years later she obtained the title of a Dutch monument and it was decided to open a transport museum inside. Renovated and restored, it resembles the one from the beginning of the 20th century. Inside there is an exhibition space telling about the past, present and future of public transport in the capital of the Netherlands. A professional guide will show us the museum. It is worth going here on one of the special days for the Dutch - for example during King's Day, because the museum then organizes many themed attractions for visitors.



The Hague Public Transport Museum map
Parallelweg 2242525 NL The Hague, Netherlands