Family Park Drievliet

Local name: Familiepark Drievliet

In the amusement park we will find attractions that will please especially young adventurers. The idea of creating the park was born in 1938, and its name refers to the family name, which once belonged to the area where now Familiepark Drievliet is located.

There are 31 attractions in Familiepark Drievliet, including some extreme and water ones. For some time, the park is dominated by the ocean theme (Lol Atol) and around it gathers several of the biggest attractions: Whirlpool, Kwal or Nautilus, renovated for thematization.

Interestingly, there used to be a farm here with the property of the Drievliet family. The area changed hands over the centuries until 1951, when the first attraction was placed on the estate. In the park there is a classicist house that now holds the status of a Dutch national monument.


Attractions inside

    Family Park Drievliet map
    Laan van 's-Gravenmade 812495 BD The Hague , Netherlands