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Comm - Museum of Communication

Local name: Comm - Museum voor Communicatie

The Museum of Communications is located on the historic Zeestraat street. It is a Dutch institution dedicated to the history of post and communication, which was founded in 1929. The museum is located in the historic building of the Grand Royal Bazaar, one of the first shops in the Netherlands.

In COOM - because this is the short name - we will find exhibitions dedicated to the history of mail, philately, telegraphy and telephony. It is an interactive museum, open to sharing its space for training, workshops or cultural events. The most famous items in the COOM collection are: Brienne chest, Blue Mauritius badge and Enigma encryption machine.

The museum building also deserves attention: it was built on the initiative of King Willem II around 1860. As a royal bazaar, it was extremely popular also outside the Netherlands, and it sold such wonders as Imari - Japanese porcelain.


Attractions inside

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    Zeestraat 822518 AD The Hague , Netherlands