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Dranthe is a province in northeastern Holland, near the German border. It is a region not very densely populated, with large tracts of forests and numerous small villages. Rural and cycling tourism is developing here.

The capital of the region is Assen with preserved picturesque, Renaissance and nineteenth-century buildings and numerous parks. The city holds a Grand Prix in motorcycle racing every year.

The biggest attraction of Dranthe is the WILDLAND Adventure zoo, which is a combination of a zoo and an amusement park. Traveling through its area you can get to know different varieties of the African climate.

The province has a long and rich history, and its wealth is prehistoric and ancient heritage. You can see Neolithic dolmens, Celtic tombs, while in Borger operates a heritage center and museum focused on this topic.

A large part of the region is forests, meadows and pastures, creating an idyllic landscape. The Drentsche Aa Valley is considered to be the most beautiful, which is under protection. Many walking and cycling routes have been marked out here.

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