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Fort Gorazda

Local name: Tvrđava Gorazda

Gorazda Fort was built in 1884-1886 by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Its most characteristic feature is the 100-ton rotating tower, the last of its kind in the world. Unfortunately, the building is not protected in any way and is slowly deteriorating. Although it is open to the public, many pieces of equipment have been stolen, mainly by scrap metal.
The fort was used by the Austrians in battles against the Montenegrin forces stationed on Mount Lovćen during World War I. It was then used as a warehouse by the Yugoslav Army until the early 1990s.

The fort stands on the Goražde hill (known in the Austro-Hungarian times as Gorazda) at an altitude of 452 m. It overlooks the road built by the Austrians from Kotor to the former capital of Montenegro Cetinje and is a strongly reinforced structure of stone and concrete. From 1909 he was supported by

Fort Trašte located on the hills above the plain in Tivaksko polje.


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