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Casa Bernard

Casa Bernard is a sixteenth-century palace, which was originally a tower, erected in the Middle Ages on the foundations of buildings from Roman times. In the following centuries it was expanded to the size of a palace. Currently, it is private property, made available to visitors and rented for various events. An interesting fact is that the owners refuse to organize wedding receptions. Casa Bernard offers tours of the interior with antique equipment.

Using a guided tour, you can see the chapel, dining room, small lounges, library and main bedroom. There is a lot of antique furniture and works of art that for hundreds of years enjoyed only the eyes of the owners. The finale of the visit is rest in the courtyard and in the garden. The guides are the owners themselves - Josette and Georges Magri.

The name Casa Bernard comes from the name of the personal physician of the Grand Master of the Order of Saint. John, Salvatore Bernard, who settled here in 1723. Successive generations of Bernards used the palace until it was sold to Marga in 1993.


Attractions inside

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