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Fort Chambray

Local name: Forti Chambray

Fort Chambray was the first of the buildings of the new capital of the island of Gozo, designed in 1716 by the French military engineer Louis François d'Aubigné de Tigné. Ultimately, the new capital was not created. Currently, Fort Chambray is a residential and hotel complex with preserved and restored elements of 18th century fortifications.

In 1749, de Gigno's new governor, Jacques-François de Chambray, became interested in de Tigné's plans and declared financing the investment. Three bastions, two rawelines and a defensive walkway were built along the walls surrounding the fort. However, 30 years later it was reported that the fort was in ruins. In the absence of a real threat, the inhabitants of Gozo were not interested in investing in the further development of the fortifications.

The fort was attacked twice in 1798 - first by Napoleon's army, and then by the Maltese insurgents, supported by the British. In both cases he gave up after a short resistance.


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