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Vesturland covers the central part of the west coast of Iceland. Locations located here have several hundred inhabitants and are not interesting for tourists. The landscapes and nature are different here. From the iconic Kirkjufell Mountain to the cliffs and volcanic craters, the region abounds in fabulous places.

The extensive area of the west coast has a very varied coastline full of coves and tiny headlands. Steep cliffs rise in many places where numerous sea birds nest. The most famous of them are Gerðuberg, Gatklettur and Londrangar.

Like all Iceland, the western part of the island is full of places associated with volcanic phenomena. You can admire volcanic craters filled with lakes, volcanic cones like Saxhóll, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area and lava caves, including Vatnshellir.

The most famous picture from the Western Region is the lonely Kirkjufell mountain. Her narrow crest with steep slopes covered with moss and low grass is one of the most frequently shown Icelandic views.

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