Hungary    Budapest    Miniversum
number 30 in the city


Local name: Miniversum

Miniversum is an exhibition in the form of a mock-up with models in 1: 100 scale, which depict Hungarian, German and Austrian towns and the railway connecting them. The exhibition is interactive and allows visitors to activate various elements of the model, such as some vehicles or lights.

The exhibition covers an area of about 300 m2 and consists of 14 different locations (including Budapest, Győr, Vienna and Wartburg). 1300 meters of railway tracks were constructed on the model, followed by 100 different trains. In addition, the model will see 600 buildings, 1000 cars and 5000 characters, as well as countless other details, vegetation and a carefully finished landscape. 5 tons of wood, 2 tons of gypsum and about 20,000 screws were used to make the model.

The exhibition is dedicated to both children, adolescents and adults. A special themed playground has been prepared for the youngest. In addition, educational classes are organized here. The property has a café.


Attractions inside

    Miniversum map
    Andrássy út 121061 Budapest , Hungary