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Holocaust Memorial Center

Local name: Holokauszt Emlékközpontba

The Holocaust Museum commemorates Hungarian Jews and other minorities who became victims of the Holocaust. You can see a permanent exhibition here "From deprivation of rights to genocide" and temporary exhibitions. The museum's collection includes documents, books, clothes, photographs and other personal items.

The museum aims to show the tragic history of the twentieth century through the history of individuals. There is also a research center at the museum, which searches and collects information about people killed and survivors, and helps those interested discover the history of their family and find relatives.

The museum is based in the building of the synagogue from the 1920s, which operated until 1944. It was then transformed into a place of internment of Jews. The synagogue was arranged for a museum in 2004 by architect István Mányi. The building is asymmetrical, which in the author's intention is to symbolize the "distorted" time of destruction.


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