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Milaneo Stuttgart

Local name: Milaneo Stuttgart

This is the largest shopping center in southern Germany. It is part of the Milaneo complex. It covers an area of 43,000 square meters, with more than 200 stores. The property presents a modern architectural style.

Apart from standard commercial and gastronomic services, the Center has a number of solutions not available in any other facility of this type. These include mobile taxis taking customers in the city center to the gallery and back, 8 information points and the opportunity to deliver purchased products directly to the customer's home. There are also wooden and modern, interactive playgrounds for children.

The gallery was opened in 2012. During the inauguration, the mayor of Stuttgart, Wolfgang Schuster, emphasized the uniqueness of the facility due to the costs of its construction. The Milaneo complex cost EUR 550,000,000, which made it the largest one-off investment in the country.


Attractions inside

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    Mailänder Platz 770173 Stuttgart , Germany