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MVG Museum

Local name: MVG Museum

The MVG Museum represents historical and contemporary public transport in Munich. On an area of over 5000 m2 there are about 25 historic trams, buses and work vehicles. The museum is located in the abandoned part of Munich's main tram workshop.

Trams are set on two tracks leading through the entire hall. Boards with detailed information were also attached for each vehicle. Over 150 billboards, posters, historical timetables, boards with line numbers and their routes have been collected here over the years.

The Munich MVG Museum also presents many other exhibits, such as the metro simulator, the original car from the eighties of the twentieth century, historical photographs, a small cinema, a multimedia exhibition and an exhibition of train models. The museum was opened on October 28, 2007.


Attractions inside

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    Ständlerstraße 2081549 Munich , Germany