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number 68 in the city

Fish's Fountain

Local name: Fischbrunnen

Located inside: Marienplatz

A fountain whose history dates back to the Middle Ages. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular meeting places in Munich, especially for people from around Munich. The fountain is made of bronze and has rich sculptural decorations: a fish on top and three men pouring water.

This fish is reminiscent of the times when Marienplatz still served as the central market, and fish sellers hung their live goods in baskets at the well. The first fountain in this place was created in 1318. The neo-Gothic fountain was built in the years 1862 - 1866 by Konrad Knoll.

In the neo-Gothic fountain there were sculptures depicting four butchers who pour water into a bucket into a well. Above them stood four children playing music, and on the top stood an old person with a raised cup. In 1954, Josef Henselmann created the fountain in its present form, in place of the neo-Gothic predecessor destroyed during World War II.


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