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Valentin-Karl Museum

Local name: Valentin-Karlstadt-Musäum

Located inside: Isar Gate

The Munich Valentin and Karlstadt Museum is located in the two flank towers of the Isar Gate. It is dedicated to the comic actor Karl Valentin, his partner Lies Karlstadt and other comedians associated with the capital of Bavaria. Items related to the life and work of artists and multimedia presentations are exhibited here.

The museum was opened by Hannes König in 1959 at the Isar Gate, which is part of the former medieval city fortifications. The permanent exhibition was opened in 2008. He presents Karl Valentin in all his aspects: as a comedian, playwright, word acrobat, actor, filmmaker, craftsman, collector, philosopher.

On the 2nd floor of the southern tower, the Karlstadstadt exhibition was placed, including exhibits related to this artist and multimedia shows about the pioneers of German film.

The museum also houses an exhibition dedicated to Bavarian folk singers.


Attractions inside

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