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Holy Spirit Church

Local name: Heiliggeistkirche

The Holy Spirit Church is one of the oldest temples in Bavaria. Its origins date back to the 12th century, but its current form was obtained during a general reconstruction in the years 1724–1730, when its interior was furnished and decorated in accordance with the rules of the Baroque. The designers and contractors were the builder and architect Johann Georg Ettenhofer as well as the famous brothers Egid Quirin (sculptor) and Cosmas Damian (painter) Asam.

Already in 1208, Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria ordered to erect a Romanesque chapel dedicated to Saint. Katarzyna, at the hospice she founded. Both buildings were destroyed in a great fire in the city in 1327. In 1392, the construction of a new, Gothic church of the Holy Spirit was completed, which in the 18th century acquired its present shape.

The work of the Assam brothers are sculptural elements and the fresco "Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit". In the main altar there is an original painting "Descent of the Holy Spirit" by Johann Ulrich Loth from 1649 - an outstanding painter, associated with Munich all his life.


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