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City Museum

Local name: Stadtmuseum

The Munich City Museum is located in the former Munich armory, the city stable and in three other buildings. Set in a cultural and historical context, it presents typical for the city and its inhabitants: graphics, posters and paintings, furniture, sculpture, crafts, folklore, photography, film and music.

It was founded on July 29, 1888 by the then city archivist Ernst von Destouches. The administration of the museum is in a late-medieval house from the 15th century. A particularly valuable attraction are the late-Gothic figures of Morisco Erasmus Grasser dancers, which were created in the ballroom of the Old Town Hall.

Also important is a copy of the model of the city of Munich by Jacob Sandtner, presenting the history of the city from 1570 up to the Summer Olympic Games in 1972 and the present. This model shows about 400 objects significant in the history of Munich. The museum also conducts multimedia presentations.


Attractions inside

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    Sankt-Jakobs-Platz 180331 Munich , Germany