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Castle Blutenburg

Local name: Schloss Blutenburg

Blutenburg Castle in Munich is the former residence of the Bavarian princes, whose current appearance takes the Baroque form. It consists of two-story buildings, external fortifications, polygonal towers, a four-sided courtyard, a prince's building, a castle chapel and an entrance in the gate tower.

The Munich castle was built as a suburban prince's residence and hunting castle on the river Würm. It was built in the years 1438 - 1439 for Prince Albrecht III of the Wittelsbach family. At the end of the 15th century, the residence was expanded at the request of Albrecht's son, Prince Zygmunt.

Then the castle chapel of Of the Holy Trinity, which has retained its late-medieval character to this day. The contemporary, Baroque appearance of Blutenburg Castle is due to the reconstruction after destruction by the Swedish army during the Thirty Years' War. Currently, the castle is the seat of the International Youth Library.


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