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Speicherstadt Museum

Local name: Speicherstadtmuseum

The museum, located in a former warehouse from 1888, presents how warehousemen stored high-quality imported goods, such as coffee, cocoa or rubber. The exhibition talks about the tea and coffee trade, as well as the architectural history of Speicherstadt. The game "Eyes open in the museum" is available for the youngest visitors.

The first part of the exhibition deals with the processes of using Speicherstadt magazines. It therefore presents typical tools, such as bag modeling samplers and hand hooks for gripping packaging, as well as traditional warehouse goods such as coffee, tea, cocoa or rubber.

The next part of the exhibition presents the history of the Speicherstadt construction. Numerous historical photos and plans illustrate the design and creation of a warehouse district. The exhibits in this part include, among others silver masonry tools, which Emperor Wilhelm II used to symbolically emphasize Hamburg's integration with the German customs area on October 29, 1888.
The last part of the exhibition is about coffee and tea. The coffee path from harvest to sale to the consumer and the history of tea trade are presented here.


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    Am Sandtorkai 3620457 Hamburg , Germany