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Orthodox Church of St. John of Kronstadt

Local name: Orthodoxe Kirche des Hl. Johannes von Kronstadt

It is an Orthodox church that is the seat of the parish of the Russian Orthodox Church. It presents the unique architecture of the church of Grace, with elements taken from the Gothic and Romanesque style. Iconostasis inside the church are distinguished by icons of three Germans canonized in this Orthodox church, including Saint Princess Elizabeth.

An undoubted architectural advantage of the church is the iconostasis, which presents, among others, characters canonized in the temple - St. Procopius of Ustiuga, Saint. Elizabeth and Saint. Ansgar. St. Prokopiusz was a Hanseatic merchant, and Saint. Ansgar is the first bishop of Hamburg. St. Elżbieta, in turn, is a German princess, canonized as a martyr, mainly due to her death at the hands of the Bolsheviks in 1918.

The temple was built in 1907. The building suffered serious damage due to World War II, but it was rebuilt in 1947. The parish community dedicated to Saint. Jan Kronsztadzki was founded in 2001, which makes it the youngest parish of the Russian Orthodox Church in the city.


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