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number 81 in the city

Fountain of Penguins

Local name: Pinguinbrunnen

Pinguinbrunnen is a fountain in the City Park of Hamburg, which owes its name to six small penguins made by August Gaula (1869-1922) - the famous German expressionist, a leading representative of the Berlin Art Nouveau.

The original, nineteenth-century penguins were destroyed and partly stolen - now they are presented in replicas of Gaula's works. Next to them in the park there are more than 20 other sculptures. This is thanks to Alfred Lichtwark (1852-1914), director of Hamburger Kunsthalle, who was an avid popularizer of art and artistic education.

August Gaul specialized in animal forms. His most famous animalist sculpture is a bronze eagle from 1904, which was purchased for 10 thousand. dollars by John Wanamaker - creator of the first department store in the world.


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