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Wall for Peace

Local name: Mur pour La Paix

The Peace Wall is a modern installation standing since 2000 on the Champ de Mars between the Military School and the Eiffel Tower. In the metal-wooden frame there were glass panes on which the word "room" was written in 49 languages.

The wall is the work of the artist Clary Halter. According to the original concept, he was to stand in front of the Paris headquarters of UNESCO. Ultimately, it was put on the Martian Field with the annotation that it is a temporary construction. The installation raises a lot of controversy because of its location. It is alleged that it disturbed the perspective of the whole area, which offers a view of the Eiffel Tower.

The Peace Wall stands in a place that was associated primarily with war. Field of Mars is a place where military exercises and parades took place in the past.


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    Rue du Champ de Mars 75007 Paris , France