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Army museum

Local name: Musée de l'Armée

Located inside: Les Invalides

The Army Museum in Paris is located in the Les Invallides complex built on the order of Louis XIV. The museum presents the history and transformation of armaments in France and around the world throughout history. In one of the rooms, items of armament are shown that were in the collection of the French Crown in the past.

The Museum collection is divided into two parts - an exhibition of old and modern weapons. In the first of them you can admire weapons, uniforms, equipment of soldiers and cannon from the period from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century. The second one is dedicated to the times of the First and Second World Wons.

The exhibition of ancient weapons includes swords, sabers and other melee weapons from Europe and the Middle and Far East. Firearms are also presented here. The exhibition shows its transformations, from simple guns to increasingly modern rifles. One of the rooms is dedicated to tournament and show weapons that were not used in fighting. There is also an exhibition of armor made in the best armoring factories in Europe.

Army museum map
Rue de Grenelle 12975007 Paris , France