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Church of the Dome - Tomb Napoleon I

Local name: Église du Dôme Tombeau Napoleon Ier

Located inside: Les Invalides

Napoleon's tomb is located in the Church of the Invalids in Paris. It is a simple sarcophagus, made in the neoclassical style of red stone. It was placed centrally, under the church dome, which according to the inscription was to be "a helmet on the head of a giant."

Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile on Saint Helena. His wish was to be buried on the banks of the Seine. At first, this request was not met. The emperor's body was buried in a nameless grave on the island. They were brought to Paris in 1840 and buried in one of the chapels in the Church of the Invalids in the presence of veterans of his wars, but without the participation of the family, who was then banned from entering Paris. Only his nephew, Napoleon III, did the actual funeral ceremonies in 1861. The sarcophagus with five coffins in which the emperor's ashes were located was placed in the central place of the church, where it can be seen until today.


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