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Rodin Museum

Local name: Musée Rodin

The Rodin Museum is entirely devoted to the work of this sculptor. It is located in two buildings - in the former Hotel Biron in Paris and in Villa de Brillants in Meudon near Paris. The first presents sculptures made of marble and bronze, while the second presents works in terracotta, wax and plaster.

Willa Brillants was Rodin's residence, while his studio was on the ground floor of the Biron Hotel. In his will, the artist saved his entire collection of sculptures from France, provided that his studio is turned into a museum.

The collection owned by the Rodin Museum today has about 6,600 sculptures and 16,000 drawings and photos. Many of them are works documenting the artist's life, his work and the works he performs. Only part of the collection is available to the public. These are mainly sculptures, but the exhibition is complemented by drawings and photos related to the relevant periods of Rodin's work. The Museum also has paintings of French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists that were in Rodin's collection.


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