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Local name: Panthéon

The Pantheon is a former Catholic church, and now a mausoleum of meritorious for France. It is a classicist building with a high dome. Inside, there are tombstones of such figures as Voltaire, Rousseau, Wiktor Hugo, Emil Zola or Maria Skłodowska Curie and Piotr Curie, among others.

The construction of the church of Saint Genowefa was initiated by Louis XV as a vote of gratitude for regained health. Construction was completed in 1758, but interior finishing lasted until 1789. In the same year, the French Revolution broke out, which made France officially a secular country. As a result of the confiscation of church property, the state also took over the classicist church of Saint Genowefa. It was decided to allocate it to the mausoleum of the Great French.

The Pantheon performs this function to this day. Only a few can deserve burial in his crypts. In the main part of the building you can admire the paintings created for the church of Saint Genowefa and later, showing the triumph of reason and enlightenment. In the center of the building, under the dome, a huge Foucault Pendulum is suspended, whose movements prove the rotation of the earth around its axis. To see the graves of the meritorious, go down to the crypt. They are buried in accordance with the areas in which they stood out.


Attractions inside

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    Place du Panthéon 75005 Paris , France