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Cathedral Saint-Louis des Invalides

Local name: Cathédrale Saint-Louis des Invalides

Located inside: Les Invalides

The Saint Louis church in the Les Invalides complex belongs to the most recognizable sacred objects of Paris. In the panorama of the city from almost every place is visible its powerful dome with gilding. It is a Baroque building in which French military commanders will be buried, including Marshal Ferdinand Foch. Under the church dome there is a sarcophagus with the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Louis XIV, starting the construction of the Les Invalides complex, planned that the chapel built there would be the mausoleum of his family. However, these plans were abandoned over time. Within the buildings of the hospital and the Inwalidów hotel two connected temples were erected. Saint Louis Cathedral is the pinnacle of French Baroque. Modeled on St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, it has a high dome and a multi-story facade decorated with rows of columns.

The interior of the nave is covered with barrel vaults. The walls are white, decorated only with battle flags hung on the pillars. The interior of the dome is richly polychrome. There are Baroque illusionist paintings by Charles de la Fosse. Under them is the grave of Napoleon. Almost 80 military commanders rest in the chapels and crypts.


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