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Ouistreham is a port city on the North Sea. There is a ferry terminal and a cargo port for the city of Caen. You can see a lot of German bunkers from World War II in the area.

The city has existed since the Middle Ages, but due to heavy fighting in 1944, not much of the old buildings have survived here. During the operation known as the Normandy Landing, British forces landed near Ouistreham to occupy the strategic Pegasus Bridge over the Caen canal. As a result of shelling and heavy fighting, a large part of the city lay in ruins.

Today's Ouistreham is a small coastal town with a fishing port from which boats depart for oyster fishing. There is also the Caen port terminal and ferries depart here, among others to Great Britain. In the vicinity, you can relax on the sandy beaches. Some of them still have German bunkers from World War II, built in the event of an Allied invasion.

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