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Étretat is a Norman town situated in the vicinity of majestic chalk cliffs. It is one of the most spectacular parts of the French coast, immortalized by painters and described by writers.

A small town with access to the beach and a seaside promenade, it is located between white, steep cliffs. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the so-called Alabaster Coast, which attracts thousands of tourists each year who are hungry for beautiful views.

Étretat's biggest attractions are the cliffs and the Aval Gate. They rise to a height of several dozen meters. A lone rock needle protrudes from the sea beside the Aval Gate. This is what Maurice Leblanc described in one of the books about the adventures of the gentleman thief, Arsen Lupine. The view is best admired from the top of the cliff, from where the panorama also opens onto further parts of the coast. The cliffs were immortalized in their paintings by impressionist painters.

On the other side of the town there is the Cliff d'Amont, at the top of which stands the Notre-Dame de la Garde chapel. Next to it are the Étretat Gardens, where nature intertwines with sculptures created by human hands.

Étretat itself attracts with the charm of historic buildings, a promenade and a pebble beach. Among the stone, gray houses, the castle Les Aygues stands out, in which there is a collection of furniture and Chinese porcelain, and the residence of Maurice Leblanc, author of books about Arsen Lupine. There is now a small museum dedicated to him.

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