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Les Planches Promenade

Local name: Les Planches de Deauville

A picturesque promenade runs along the entire Deauville Beach. It was built in 1923. Together with the neighboring bath complex, it was entered on the list of monuments. It borders on one side with the port and on the other side with the border of Tourgéville. Along it there are numerous cafes, restaurants, shops and 450 beach cabins.

Since the 1990s, the names of the most outstanding actors and directors who take part in the annual Deauville American Film Festival have been engraved on wooden decorations in front of cabins standing on the beach.

The promenade consists of a wooden pier, 656 m long and 7 m wide, and a slab section. The wood from which the pier is made is African azobé, resistant to weather conditions.


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    Les Planches de Deauville 14800 Deauville , France