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Cliffs and Aval Gate

Local name: Falaises et Porte d'Aval

The spectacular geological formation of the Cliffs Étretat is made of white chalk limestone, on which the waves of the North Sea crash. This place was the inspiration for the outstanding French painter Claude Monet, who associated his work with this fragment of the Alabaster Coast.

The cliffs of Étretat rise to a height of 70 m and offer a panoramic view of the North Sea, beaches, the city of Étretat and surrounding towns. The most important rock formations are resembling an arch - Manneporte and a needle - Aiguille. The first one was immortalized in one of Claude Monet's paintings entitled "La Manneporte, Etretat".

Among the tourist attractions of this place, morning watching of mussel fishing is very popular. The town of Étretat is a seaside resort with many bars, pubs, restaurants, accommodation facilities, leisure facilities and golf courses for which the Étretat cliff area is famous.


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