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Chartres Cathedral

Local name: Cathédrale de Chartres

St. Mary's Cathedral in Chartres is one of the most valuable Gothic churches in France. Built in the 13th century, the three-nave building is decorated with about 10,000 stone sculptures. The medieval stained glass windows are also known. The floor has the world's largest maze arranged inside the building.

The first church in Chartres was built as early as the third century. The current temple was completed in 1226. He stands in the place where a figurine of a pregnant woman was found, in which the clergy of the time found the image of the Mother of God. The church holds the dress that Mary was to wear when Jesus was born.

The cathedral is made of stone. It has an asymmetrical two-tower facade. The older, lower, crowned with a soaring spire was built in the mid-twelfth century. Lower is almost 400 younger. It has rich decorations and an openwork finial. In the central part of the main facade you can see a huge, stained glass rosette. The labyrinth in the cathedral was not only a decoration, but also an image of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. As a part of penance, the faithful walked a bright stone path on their knees.


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