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Turku is the oldest city in Finland, which has been the capital of the country since the Middle Ages. A Gothic castle has been preserved here, and local museums are also very popular.

The city was founded by the Swedes in the middle of the 12th century. The castle on a small hill comes from the early period, which was later rebuilt several times. Today, it houses the collections of the city museum.

In 1827, almost all of Turku's buildings were destroyed by a great fire. Only the Luostarinmäki district has survived, which today creates a unique set of wooden houses in which a live museum operates. In the buildings, you can see how the interiors of the Turku residents' houses looked like at the beginning of the 19th century, as well as local craft workshops.

Another building that survived the great fire is the noble residence of Qwensel, where the Pharmacy Museum operates today. Turku can also boast of appreciated Art Museum or Sibelius Museum.

Turku's popular attractions are its parks and recreation areas. In the summer, suitable for long walks, cycling and picnics, in winter they change into cross-country skiing areas. Both tourists and residents willingly visit the coasts of the Aurajoka River, where ships converted into restaurants and clubs are moored.

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