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Naantali Church

Local name: Naantalin kirkko

Naantali Church is now an Evangelical Lutheran temple. Its history dates back to the Middle Ages, when it served as a church at the medieval monastery of the Brigid Order, which was the first institution for educating women in Finland. It is the only remnant of the monastery complex that has survived to modern times.

During a visit to the church, it is worth paying attention to the altar decorated with statues of saints, a 15th-century carved crucifix and a medieval baptismal font made of limestone from the turn of the 16th and 16th centuries. There are also two 15th-century sculptures depicting Christ and Pieta and a decorative, colorful pulpit built in Renaissance style in 1622.

Every year in the first half of June, the Naantali Church hosts an international festival of chamber music. The first event was organized in 1980. About 18,000 participants take part in it every year.


Attractions inside

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    Nunnakatu 121100 Naantali , Finland