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Oulu Art Museum

Local name: Oulun taidemuseo

The Oulu Art Museum is part of the Luuppi Museum and Science Center. It belongs to the largest regional museums in the country. It is primarily devoted to domestic art, with an emphasis on local artists from Oulu and the North Ostrobothnia region.

Currently, the museum's collection includes about 4,500 works. In addition to Finnish contemporary art, you can also see paintings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and a collection of naive art. The oldest exhibits include paintings by the brothers von Wright, Amelie Lundahl and Juho Rissanen. There are also works by local artists such as Paavo Leinonen, Juho Mäkelä, Åke Mattas and Eero Snellman. An interesting fact in the collection is the collection of self-portraits of artists.

The Oulu Art Museum was founded in 1963 and its first collection included 37 works of art. They were moved to the present location in 1990. The building was rebuilt and modernized in 2008.


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