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Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia

Local name: Pohjois-Pohjanmaan museo

The North Ostrobothnia Museum in Oulu is located in the Hupisaaret Islands Park. It is part of the Luupi Museum and Science Center. The permanent exhibition presents, among others the history of the city of Oulu since its founding and its development from the craft city in the 17th century, through the maritime city in the 18th century, to the 20th-century technological city.

The interiors of subsequent rooms have been decorated in accordance with the styles of different eras. The exhibitions show, among others the Tepo courtyard in Liminka or the interior of the Pulkkila pharmacy. It is also worth paying attention to the 20-meter model of the city of Oulu from 1938.

Temporary thematic exhibitions are organized on the lowest floor. There is also a special exhibition for children, which was based on the work of the Finnish children's author Mauri Kunnas.


Attractions inside

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