KUOPIO tourist attractions

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Kuopio is the largest city in the Finnish Lake District. The surrounding forests and lakes make the area a great place for hiking, biking, canoeing and fishing. It is known all over the world for its ski jump, where World Cup competitions are regularly held.

The city has existed since the 17th and 18th centuries and is an important Finnish science and culture center. A university has been operating here since the 19th century, and the city is known for its museums, such as the Museum of Cultural History, the Automobile Museum, the Art Museum and the Old Museum. In the latter you can see, among others reconstruction of the interior of Finnish houses from over 100 years ago.

Due to its location, Kuopio is a good base for people who like active tourism, contact with nature and rest away from the crowds. The surrounding forests and lakes make it possible to organize hiking, biking and water trips, e.g. on canoes. The city also has the Väinölänniemi public beach, which is filled with people in the summer. The main attraction of Kuopio is one of the largest traditional Finnish saunas, the Jätkänkämppä sauna on the shores of Lake Kallavesi. Up to 100 people can stay there at one time.

Visiting Kuopio does not provide many monuments. One of the oldest buildings is the 18th-century stone Kuopio Cathedral with a very simple shape. There are, however, beautiful parks with places for recreation and relaxation, such as Snellman Park and Valkeisen Park. A popular place for walks is the Puijo hill, at the top of which stands the Puijo Tower with an observation deck. On its slopes is one of Kuopio's most recognizable attractions, the Puijo ski jumping complex.